Ingredient water, process water, wastewater… all of it can directly affect the success of your company. WATEQ is ready to help you promote product safety and achieve regulatory compliance.

Improve water efficiency and achieve consistent global results

Because a bottling facility has different needs than a brewery or snack foods manufacturer, WATEQ has built a water treatment portfolio to target specific challenges like production uptime, foam control, and cleaning regulation.

What this means for you:

WATEQ equipment, chemicals and service solutions help you:

  • Recover the maximum amount of water from your ingredient water systems
  • Recover valuable by-products (sugar, protein & starch)
  • Protect and treat cooling towers & boilers
  • Clean wastewater for discharge or reuse, thus improving your water-use ratio
  • Improve uptime with remote monitoring & diagnostics
  • Increase re-use; reduce waste volumes
  • Remove ionic pollutants
  • Concentrate ions of value
  • Wine tartaric stabilization
  • Process water treatment
  • Zero liquid discharge (ZLD)
  • Meet discharge limits
  • Turbo charge RO while reducing fouling potential
  • Treat and recover acid
  • Mobile pilot plants available