The purpose of the Preliminary Treatment is to remove most of the non-soluble solids physically in order to reduce the pollutant loads and to protect all the subsequent steps in the treatment plant and also to protect raw water recovery and more generally to remove anything that could hamper subsequent treatment processes. Depending on the quality of the water to be treated, several processes could be required. Screens are used to retain large solids that may be present in wastewater so as to prevent them from entering moving devices (e.g., pumps), and wastewater treatment units. WATEQ offers a wide range of Preliminary Treatment equipment including but not limited to: 

Multi Rake Screen (Fine and Coarse)
Climber Screen
Grab Screen
Perforated Belt Screen
Step Screen
Inclined Drum Screen
Vertical Screw Screen
Basket Screen
Storm Water Screen
Washing Compactor
Screw Conveyor
Circular Grit Trap (Vortex)
Grit Classifier
Grit Washer