WATEQ Partners have developed very innovative systems of a compact and pre-fabricated format which are an excellent solution for the sewage & water treatment of small communities and municipalities, while they can be a unique alternative to the wastewater treatment of industrial effluents. Our clients will get a product of high quality at the best cost. The construction and testing of the company’s own make products (pre-fabricated plants) takes place in the partner’s facility and at selected associated steel subcontractors while the quality of manufacturing is monitored closely at all stages according to the ISO Q.A. system. On-site installation needs only a short time with minimum civil works. At the location, there is only a need for piping and some cabling. This allows for quick realization. Also, the plants are easy to extend with additional units or movable to new locations.

The concept is available for handling potable water and wastewater and mobile sludge dewatering.