Overview: Frac Flowback is a water-based solution which flows back into the earth’s surface after the completion of hydraulic fracturing of shale gas reserves. This water-based solution consists of chemical additives, mud, clay, dissolved metal ions and total dissolved solids. The water is murky due to the high amount of suspended particles. It is prepared in the first ten days and the remaining solution can be prepared over a period of four weeks. The recovery volume because of flowback is approximately 20-40 percent after injection into the well for hydraulic fracturing. Presently, in the United States alone, there are around 680,000 wells producing oil and gas. The U.S. oil and gas industry is growing at a rate of 13,000 wells every year. On average, 3 to 5 barrels of water are produced with every barrel of oil. By far, produced water is the largest waste stream associated with oil and gas production. We engineer and build turnkey treatment solutions for


Fracking flowback and / or produced water, after being treated with our products, can be used for:

  • Re-use for fracking
  • Re-injection / disposal in extremely tight formation
  • Steam production