Creating custom, precision, quality machine parts & accurate fabrication, WATEQ was founded In 2010 with a vision of providing customers with manufacturing services that meet and exceed customer’s expectations. WATEQ’s reputation for quality has spread throughout the local region and has been passed on by our customers to their customers. The success of the organization is anchored by skilled employees who are provided with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in an environment that is focused on customer satisfaction.

WATEQ’s ability to execute production requirements in a fast-paced environment. Our highly skilled and trained workforce undertakes.


Columns/ Pillars/ Structures
Spreader Beams / Lifting Devices.
Steel Piping / Steels Products.
Storage Tanks, Silos, Hoppers & Chutes
Pressure vessels.
Handrails / Balustrades
Cat Ladders / Walkways/ Spiral Staircase
Rail Laying Jigs & Fixtures
Bridge Load Beams
Conveyors Systems

Canopy / Cladding
Interior Decorative artefacts Tanks Vessels
Skids / Baskets
On-site Structural repairs and refurbishments
Overhead Cranes / JIB Cranes
Fans & Blowers

Tool Room CNC Machine Shop:
Design and manufacture of all kinds of precision tools, jigs, fixtures, gears, dies & molds for various industries.
Surface and cylindrical grinding operations.
Metalizing and machining of all types of mechanical components such as shafts, impellers, pulleys, gears, etc.

Foundry material:
Manufacture of various cast iron and stainless steel products in Sand Casting, Pressure Die Casting, and investment Casting as per your design and sample.
Manufacture of various Cast Bronze, Brass, Aluminium, and Manganese products as per your design and sample

Services for Hotels and Food industries:
Design and manufacture of various special-purpose machinery, Conveyors, and Utensils in stainless steel 316L for food processing industries like dairies, ice cream manufacturers, hotel kitchens, bakeries, etc.

Industries Served:
Cement Industries
Ceramic Industries
Building & Infrastructure Industries
Offshore / Marine
Rails & Road Projects
Food Industries
Printing & Packaging
Oil & Gas / Petro Chemical
Water Treatment And Desalination
Power Generation
Construction Machinery
Fiber Process Industries
Hospitality Industries
Facility Management
Specialty Equipment
Custom Engineered Projects
Conveying Industries / Conveyors
Crusher Industries
Chemical Refinery